Our Charter

Our Charter

North Road Dental Clinic strives to provide our clients with the highest level of personal and professional service.

Our entire facility, our technologies and treatment methods are all State of the Art and we continually upgrade our knowledge and skills by following improvements in Dental science.

We will only offer services that we would be happy to have ourselves or for our family.

We do not fore judge our clients and approach our diagnosis as if the treatment had no cost to our clients.

Almost all dental problems have many potential solutions. Our task is to present the appropriate treatment options, to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each and the consequences of any choices and of not doing any treatment.

You will always be given the choice of doing nothing at all but in so doing you will also be informed of the likely outcomes of doing no treatment at all.

We respect your treatment choices and support you through the implementation without making any judgements.

We will never pressure you into any treatments.

We believe in doing the work to the highest possible standard the first time.

Our clients are treated like guests in our own homes.